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Sooo…who am I? Right now it doesn’t matter who I am, or who you are for that matter. We are individuals…creative beings…we are all characters in the greatest book, play or movie ever written, life. This blog is just a glimpse into my head. My world. My life…it get’s pretty crazy here. But those of you who are just dying to know me…to put a name with the writing…It’s DaniBubblez…don’t forget the z please lol. For my boogey friends you can call me Dani Bublés. Majority of what I write is fiction, inspirational, motivational, and non fiction, but regardless it will be real. My goal is to write works that you can relate to; so if you have a topic, question or suggestion on a theme or subject to write about, just post it on my page and I’ll do it. Oh, and one more request…try not to bust any bubbles lol!


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