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The Beauty in Pain


I wish I could tell you that the wounds will heal, and everything will go back to normal, as if nothing ever happened. I wish I could tell you that the pain and discomfort will never come back, but then I would be lying. Time does heal all if you allow it too, but every so often with the change of seasons you will be reminded of that pain. It might slow you down and cause you to be still for a moment, however, it is up to you to decide whether or not to allow that pain and memory to paralyze you from moving forward. To some the constant pain and discomfort comes from a misdiagnosis, because we just treat the symptoms and don’t look at how our history is effecting our current state.

Some of us have not healed correctly, so we must go through a breaking and resetting. With our movement restricted, and the feeling of hopelessness haunting us with everything that we should be doing at this time. Not realizing that this time of surgery and proper recovery is preparing you to effectively and securely hold the weight of the things that you thought you should be doing, so that it wouldn’t cripple or kill you. The pain of the past and now might feel unbearable to face at this time, but the pain of now will birth the strength for tomorrow. You will never know how strong you are, until you realize how weak you are.

Everything will not go back to normal, and you have to be ok with that truth. It never does, because your experience has changed you, and it is up to you to redefine your normal. See the beauty and opportunities that this pain has birthed. No you can’t do what you use to do, but now your hands are open to do something that you would have never thought possible. Read a book, write a story, find a new hobby, go on a date or catch up on your favorite television show, but don’t waste this time focusing on what you perceive as failure. It might just be your open door.


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