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Stop. Drop. Listen


Sacrifice and offering you did not desire—
but my ears you have opened—
burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.
Then I said, “Here I am, I have come—
it is written about me in the scroll.
I desire to do your will, my God;
your law is within my heart.”

Psalms 40:6-8 NIV

            A few years ago I was talking with my mother about my prayer life and how I felt that God wasn’t responding. I was very discouraged because I was very diligent with seeking God for answers, and then she said, “Danielle, sometimes we are so busy talking to God that we can’t hear HIM when HE speaks”. These words literally changed my life and relationship with God. In the book of Psalms we have the unique opportunity to eavesdrop on David’s thoughts and feelings through his conversation with God. Throughout the passages we witness him praise God’s character and seek the Father for deliverance, protection, and encouragement during specific points in his life. But in the 40th division David says that it is not sacrifices or offerings that God desires, but open ears and a willing heart. Now this does not mean that sacrifices and offerings are not necessary, but that God looks beyond our rituals and traditions and deeply desires to commune with us.

Personally, at times this is easier said than done. I recently found myself at a place where I would become more religious instead of relational with my personal time with God. I thought that reading a random bible verse and prayers was sufficient enough for my relationship, and for a season it was. But God is always changing the way in which HE reveals HIMSELF, so that we do not become comfortable or too familiar with the way in which HE speaks. When I finally decided to shift out of my comfort zone, I had to strip away everything I thought I knew and come to God submissive, open, and willing to be used. During this time of consecration God opened my ears and began to reveal the purpose HE had for my life, and the authority given to me through Christ Jesus.

In the King James Version verse 7 says: Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me. I love the wording of this verse because it not only speaks of his authority, but also that God has already predestined our lives. When I see my life through the eyes of God I am shifted to a position of worship and open to serve willingly. This is not just because I want the blessings, but to see his will and glory manifested in my life. I want my life to reflect God’s love. This awareness humbled me, because my life is so much greater than I or anyone could have ever imagined, but in order to see it I had to stop talking long enough to drop my routine, and listen to what God had to say.



  1. Lydia says:

    very inspiring!!!!!!! Keep up the great work of the ministry!!!

  2. I was uplifted by your blog

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