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Girls Love Bey?

             So today I learned that there is one thing Drake knows, girls love Bey, and have us thinking he has wrote a song about it. SIKE! After listening to the “Girls Love Beyoncé” track by Drake I’m trying to figure out why he chose his first line as the title. I understand the hook is from DC, which is where Bey began, but  besides that, the song has absolutely nothing to do with her. Well,  besides the collage of her face set as the track background. When I heard about the song I though Drake had lost his mind and tried to come at her head. I mean, I would’ve loved to see what he would’ve said.
          Maybe he would say he was the father of B.I.C., secret admirers or brain washing people with her music… but instead it’s just like everything else Drake rap/sings…slightly depressing. His love life stinks, but who is really surprised? It is hard to foster a good relationship of any kind due to our lack of intimacy, respect for privacy and actual social skills. It’s not a bad song and the lyrics are decent. But if I could make one suggestion to Drake it would be to change the title to, “Girls Love Bey, But Don’t Love Me” or “Don’t Love Me” either or, but don’t false advertise. I think it will be the male post break up song of the summer. Just saying. If you don’t believe me read the lyrics.
Disclaimer: For you die hard Bey fans, I was being sarcastic so don’t sweat off your lace fronts. lol
[Verse 1: Drake]
I know girls love Beyoncé
Girls love to f-ck with your conscience
Girls hate when niggas go missing and shawty you ain’t no different

These days it’s hard to meet women
Feel like my love life is finished

I’ve been avoiding commitment
That’s why I’m in this position

I’m scared to let somebody in on this
No new friends, no no no
You know how this sh-t go
You got your fair share of admirers that call your phone

You try to act like it’s just me, but I am not alone
But if you’re alone then, say my name, say my name[Hook: James Fauntleroy]
Say my name, say my name
When no one is around you
Say, “Baby, I love you”
If you ain’t running games
Say my name, say my name
You actin’ kinda shady, baby
Why the sudden change?
Say my name
Say my name
Say my name
Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you
 [Verse 2: Drake]
Say my name, say my name
‘Cause those other men are practice
And this ain’t no time for actin’
And this ain’t no time for games
And this ain’t no time for uncertainty

And this ain’t no time for locking your phone and not coming home and startin’ some shit when I’m in the zone
This is why I’ve been saying
No new friends, no no no
You know how this sh-t goes
This is not four years ago
Time escapes me

Now forget how it felt when this shit move slow
I come through in whips that make a young boy take the long way home
All my young boys ‘round me saying, “Get money and f-ck these hoes”
Where we learn these values? I do not know what to tell you

I’m just trying to find a reason not to go out every evening
I need someone that’ll help me think of someone besides myself
I need someone I leave through the front door with
‘Cause we don’t wanna hide no more
Plus you’re not shy no more
Neither of us wanna play the side no more

No, I’m not alone
Even though nothing was the same
Let me get your ass alone
Let me make you say my name
Say my name [Hook]
Lyrics and photograph courtesy of

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